Upgrades for the Mechanica M1

Allowing you to upgrade your Mechanica M1 visually and mechanically was a key factor in our design philosophy. The following upgrades are available to enhance the look, beauty, accuracy and longevity of your Mechanica M1.

Assembly by us (Manufactory)

Price 400.- €

Upgrade Kit Escapement lever with agate pallets and escapement wheel
To reduce friction in the escapement, an option is to upgrade your clock with an escapement lever with agate pallets.

Price 610,– €, reduced price 490,– € *

Upgrade Kit Rubies for the escapement lever bearings
The longevity of the M 1 can be enhanced with a set of rubies for the escapement lever bearings

Price 145,– €

Upgrade Kit Regulator
The design is similar to the classic precision clocks from the last century and comes very close to the actual Model Classica Secunda 1985 by Erwin Sattler. The kit includes the dial, an intermediate plate, three additional wheels with a new counterweight for the minute hand, a new hour, minute and a new second hand (the domed hands in the picture are another upgrade).

Price 520,– €, reduced price 420,– € *

NEW Upgrade Kit
Cutaway in the normal or regulator dial
The cutaway in the seconds subdial in conjunction with a milling in the top plate of the movement makes it possible to see the gold-plated gear wheels and the Graham escapement. The modified set contains the dial with cutaway and well as the top plate with its special milling.

Price 840,– €, reduced price 720,– € *

Upgrade Kit Pulley with ball bearings
Not only an optical but also a technical feature. The ball bearings reduce the rolling resistance, so you can reach a higher accuracy.

Price 280,– €, reduced price 250,– € *

Upgrade Kit Barometric instrument
To compensate the negative influence of changing air pressure a barometric instrument with aneroids can be delivered. This upgrade is a must to increase the accuracy of your Mechanica. Because of the two different pendulum weights, two different barometer weights are available.

Price 690,– €

Upgrade Kit Lens-shaped pendulum weight
Enthusiasts can order a lens-shaped pendulum weight for their M1. Because of the reduced air resistance, a more constant oscillation angle and a higher accuracy will be reached. Each lensshaped
pendulum weight has an engraved serial number. Both sides can be turned to the front. The weight is available in brass or nickel finish.

Price 655,– €, reduced price 595,– € *

Upgrade Kit Bevelled glasses
Another optical revaluation is reached by bevelled glasses and gives more elegance to the case.

Price 230,– €

Certificated weight for fine regulation
By the certificated set of twelve weights an even more exact fine regulation is possible.

Certificated weights for fine regulation without wooden case 165,– €,
Elegant wooden case with magnetic closure for the fine regulation weights 125,– €

Upgrade Kit Hand-domed and polished hands
The domed, polished and blued hands are completely hand crafted. They will give your Mechanica a more elegant »face«.

Price 480,– €, reduced price 440,– € *

* with the return of the original part, or when ordered with the clock kit.
Upgrade Kit Polished screws
A further optical upgrade is a kit of 24 fine polished stainless steel screws.

Price 235,–€, reduced price 225,– € *

Upgrade Kit Adjustable pendulum scale
A horizontally adjustable pendulum scale. The kit allows to focus the pendulum point precisely to zero.

Price 230.- €

Upgrade Kit Case Fitting Screws
A further detail to add an elegant appearance to your M1, are the four case fitting screws with polished and blued center and two polished movement fixing screws.

Price 205.- €, reduced price 185,– € *

Glass window in the top of the case

Price 340.- €

Sattler lacquer or special lacquer

Price 690.- €

[ * Reduced Price with the return of the original part, or when ordered with the clock kit ]
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